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Plasmas: Technology and Experiments

Electrical Discharge Laboratory
Researchers: Adriana Márquez, Diana Grondona, Fernando Minotti, Leandro Giuliani, Ariel Kleiman, with the collaboration of Guillermo Artana and Roberto Sosa from FI-UBA and CONICET; Leandro Prevosto and Beatriz Mancinelli from UTN Venado Tuerto and CONICET; Sonia Brühl and Laura Vaca from UTN Concepción del Uruguay.
Research and development of Plasma Technologies. Coatings, surface thermal treatments, cutting of metals. Study of plasmas generated by electrical discharges. Development of diagnostics. Development of plasma thrusters. Atmospheric plasma jets. Dielectric barrier discharges for biological and environmental applications.

Complex Systems Laboratory
Researchers: Guillermo Marshall, Cecilia Suárez, Maria Laura Fernández, Nahuel Olaiz, .
Research and development of Pulsed Electric Field Technologies for biological and medical applications

Plasma Focus Laboratory
Researchers and assistants: César Moreno, with the collaboration of Alejandro Clausse from PLADEMA [UNICEN-CNEA] and CONICET.
Development of Plasma Focus devices. Physics of transient, supersonic plasma sheaths. Ultra-dense transient plasmas. Electrical modeling. Plasma diagnostics: electrical diagnostics, magnetic probes, soft and hard X-ray detection, fusion neutron detection.
Applications of ultra-dense transient plasmas: Transient radiographies. Neutron tomography.

Optical Doppler Effect
Researchers and assistants: Luis Bilbao, with the collaboration of Luis Bernal, UNMP and CONICET.  
Development of plasma diagnostic techniques based on optical Doppler effect.

Plasmas: Theoretical and Computational Research

Magnetosphere plasmas
Researchers: Luis Bilbao 
Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities. Magneto-pause. Interpretation of satellite plasma measurements.

Stellar and planetary dynamos
Researchers: Laura Sraibman and Fernando Minotti.
Large scale models.

Self-organized criticality in astrophysical plasmas
Researcher: Laura Morales.
Magnetic reconnection.

Relativistic MHD
Researcher: Diego Cirilo-Lombardo.
MHD in compact objects.